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Meet Ricardo

Ricardo Leon is the CEO and founder of Leon Home Improvement. Ricardo is married to Sandra Elizabeth Leon.

Ricardo and Sandra have four beautiful children, Karol Elizabeth, Katie Melissa, Karen Maria, and Josue Ricardo.

This is the story of Ricardo and Leon Home Improvements.

The Beginning

Ricardo Leon was born in the town of Gaulan, Zacapa, Guatemala. Ricardo started to work in construction when he was 8 years old with his father Rogelio Leon. He went to the school in the mornings, afternoons and on the weekends, Ricardo loved working with his dad on projects (he was a constructor in Guatemala); such projects included new houses and enhancement of existing homes. Ricardo was hooked.

At the age of 14 Ricardo Leon studied at night and worked alone by enhancing and improving private homes and public projects in the beautiful city of Gualan.
He studied to obtain his high school diploma in science and letters through the Evangelic Institute – America Latina, and his architectural drawing degree in the school of Mexico – Polimex School. He also became a technical constructor in a school of Barcelona, Spain C.E.A.C. TC 8216.

From the ages of 18-22 he managed the biggest project in his life with 280 employees and 8 continuous buildings of the project ZOLIC, (Zona Libre de Indutrio y Comercio). Ricardo’s position on this project was as a general superintendent and a universal constructor in Guatemala City).

Coming to America

In 1985 He moved to Washington DC and worked for Barbee Contracting (Kirt Barbee) for 8 years remodeling in Georgetown and building apartment buildings for Berry Linde.
Between 1994 and 1997 He worked for SUR Developer in Potomac and Rockville as a general superintendent’s assistant of Martin Gallahan.

Between 1998 and 2000 he worked for Gallahan Remodeling as well performed projects on his own in home improvement.

Our Business is Born

After decades in the construction trade, Ricardo started Leon Home Improvement (LHI) in 2001. The company showcased his lengthy experience and education. LHI began offering its service of home improvement from underpinning basements to roofing, LHI was on its way.

Recent History

Through the years our success has continued. Since 2001 we have been involved in many successful projects. For example, in one year, we expanded into building underpinning basements, and then put in over 30 underpinning basements in the areas of Maryland and the District of Columbia, including a particularly unique two-level basement in Georgetown.

LHI succeeded in serving hundreds of customers, and the best part is that our story has only begun.


Primary (1 to 6) school of Barones Carmen Sagastume Caseres.
Gualan – Zacapa, Guatemala City.

National Institute of Basic Education (7 to 9).
Glan – Zacapa, Guatemala City.

Bachelor graduate (high school diploma) in sciences and letters.

Evangelic Institute – America Latina (10-12).
Guatemala, Guatemala City.

Architectural drawing.
Polimex school of Mexico.

Technical of construction T.C. 8216.
C.E.A.C. Barcelona – Spain.